M.E.M.E. Performances

Past M.E.M.E. Performances...

M.E.M.E. periodically plays in public and CDs are available from some gigs. Below is a run down of some past gigs.

The Logan Beach Cafe: January 23, 1999

On Saturday, January 23, 1999, M.E.M.E played their first date at the Logan Beach Coffee House. The stage was a bit too small to hold the entire sextet so the performance was broken up into three forty minute sets involving two members for each set. Each subgroup of two members planned and performed their set independent of the remaining members. The following were the personnel and composition titles for the sets:

Jack McCarthy & Michael Firman

John Papiewski and André Stordeur

Darwin Grosse & Grant Richter (aka Black Helicopters Inc.)

Jack and Mike working out the wires.
John and André in electronic meditation

Kiss The Sky: Dec 11, 1999

On Saturday, December 11, 1999, M.E.M.E had an in-store appearance at the Kiss the Sky record store in Batavia Illinois. Kiss the Sky has a large stage, so everyone was able to get their equipment up there in some form or fashion. We opened the set with a short piece by John, Darwin, and Mike which faded into a 45 minute set by Gabe (doing some fine solo Drum/Bass work). The rest of the evening was a mixture of various compositions and improvised works involving combinations of personnel. The following were the personnel:

Jack, providing a melodic background.
Gabe working his beat boxes.
Jack with his Roland and OB-8.
John, up front and wired.
Darwin providing a strong center.
Grant and Mike in quiet meditation
A MiniMug, Grant, and a Synthi.
Mike, Darwin, and a pile of gear.

Feast: February 4, 2000

The 1st 2000 M.E.M.E. performances was on Friday February 4th at Feast, a restaurant in the trendy Wicker Park area of Chicago. This event was part of the Around the Coyote Art Festival which was extended for the first time in February of 2000 into the Winter. Feast is located at 1835 W. North Ave. in Chicago and their phone number is 773-235-6361.The gig featured a smaller version of M.E.M.E. consisting of:

The Nervous Center: February 19, 2000

The 2nd 2000 M.E.M.E. performance was on Saturday February 19th at The Nervous Center a coffee house with a basement performance space. The Nervous Center usually features cutting edge Jazz and Electronic Music artists, so this was the space where M.E.M.E. stretched out. The Nervous Center is located at 4612 N. Lincoln Ave. in Chicago and their phone number is 773-728-5010. The Nervous Center gig featured an almost full M.E.M.E. (everyone but Jack). 

Quenchers: January 6, 2001

The 1st 2001 M.E.M.E. performances was on Saturday, January 6th at Quenchers Saloon in the Bucktown/Logan Square section of Chicago (this is near the corner of Fullerton and Western). The address is 2401 N. Western Ave. This gig featured a smaller version of M.E.M.E. consisting of:

The Nervous Center: January 27, 2001

The 2nd January 2001 gig was Saturday January 27th at The Nervous Center, a coffee house with a basement performance space. This was a return engagement for M.E.M.E. (we played the NC last February.) The Nervous Center usually features cutting edge Jazz and Electronic Music artists, so this is the space where M.E.M.E. usually stretches out. This performance was part of a two week long Electronic Music Festival at The Nervous Center which, sadly, marked the closing of this fine experimental music space. The Nervous Center was located at 4612 N. Lincoln Ave. in Chicago. This gig featured:

WCBN's Electrik Kingdom: April 5, 2002

Members of MEME performed live on the Radio and on the Internet on Friday April 5th 2002 at midnight eastern time. The radio station was WCBN 88.3 FM in Ann Arbor Michigan and the show was the Electrik Kingdom (cohosted by Chris Stecker and Chris Brooks).Those not in the Ann Arbor area were able to listen to the streaming audio of the program by going to WCBN's Web Site. The MEME members that performed (and chatted with Chris) were: Nick Wilson on heavily processed electric violin and loops, and Michael Firman on a twelve+ module Wiard system, Korg Electribe ER-1, and devices. The music was a mixture of composed and improvised pieces and featured some interesting sounds and sonic textures (with a few beats thrown in for good measure).

Nick, experimenting with chaotic behavior
Mike and Chris engaging in jovial radio banter
Chris Brooks and Chris Stecker, the kind hosts of the Electrik Kingdom
Mike, looking rather serious
We do look too serious
Come in Ulaan Bataar

Deadtech: March 21, 2004

Members of M.E.M.E. (the Midwest Electronic Music Ensemble) will be performing two original short works on Sunday, March 21st. The works were composed by Michael Firman, John Papiewski, with input from Nick Wilson. One of the pieces (composed by Michael) is a solo work (for Buchla Thunder) and the other ("Fishbone" composed by John) is for full electronic trio. Featured instruments will be the Serge Modular Music System, processed electric violin, and the Buchla Thunder.

Time: 8:00 PM
Date: Sunday, March 21st
Location: Deadtech, 3321 W. Fullerton, Chicago, IL

This performance is part of the "Decomposure" series put on by the Deadtech organization to highlight the works of local (to the Chicago area) composers. A donation of $5 will be collected at the door.

For more information about DeadTech and the "Decomposure" series go to: http://www.deadtech.net