Michael A. Firman Mongolia

Dinosaurs in the Gobi…

In the Footsteps of Roy Chapman Andrews

My wife and I participated in the 1997 expedition to Mongolia conceived by the Dinamation International Society and put on by Nomadic Expeditions, Inc. (See the itinerary.)

This page is dedicated to James I. Kirkland Ph.D. of the Dinamation International Society for having a childhood dream to follow Roy Chapman Andrews into the Gobi and to Y.Badral General Manager of Nomadic Expeditions Mongolia for being our guide and translator and for opening his beautiful and rich country to us.

I would like to also put in a special thanks to Professor Carlos Rene Delgado de Jesus for continually providing the answer to that age old question: "Is this a bone?" 

Photographs from the expedition are organized as follows:

Note: All photos on these pages were taken by my wife or myself unless otherwise indicated.